Helping to Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia is as Simple as Wearing a Hearing Aid

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February 20, 2017
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April 19, 2017

About 20 years ago, we noticed that my grandfather was beginning to forget things. Simple things at first… where he put his car keys or walking into a room and wondering why he was there. I am sure, no matter the age, we have all done this. But, progressively, his absentmindedness became more noticeable. In 2000 he was finally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was a very slow physical decline for him, as he had suffered very little illness and had always taken care of himself. Mentally, however, the decline happened rapidly. For my family, it was incredibly painful to watch this amazing, vibrant, wise, smart, kind, and intelligent man become a shadow of himself. At the same time, his care put a tremendous amount of pressure on my elderly grandmother and Aunt, who became his full-time caregivers. It is something he would never have wished on them… To feed him, help him to the toilet, dress him… To do for him all of his normal daily functions that he could no longer do for himself. It would have been nothing of how he wanted his family to remember him. Finally, in 2013, he lost his long fought battle with the disease and as much as my family misses his presence, we are heartened knowing that he is finally at peace.

Why am I telling this sad story? What does that have to do with Sage Hearing Solutions, you ask? My reasoning is this… because I feel convicted to share reputable research, released by Johns Hopkins, linking hearing loss with Alzheimer’s and dementia. ( Lets face it… these cognitive diseases will affect each of us, either personally or they will touch someone in our family.  If I were to tell you that you could do something as simple as having your hearing, or the hearing of a loved one, tested for loss and that THAT preventative care may delay the onset and could even prevent, all together, Alzheimer’s and dementia, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?!  Let me be clear… Alzheimer’s is a horrid disease and it WILL affect people who have NO hearing loss.  Like in the case of my Grandfather… he had no hearing loss… even in his late 80’s… even after the disease had taken over his mind.  But, if by my sharing this information with you helps at least one person and their family stave off the progression of this disease, than everything that David and I stand for, why we started Sage, has paid off. This isn’t about “drumming up business”. We have friends all over the US.  We just want for our friends, family, and our community, to treat their collective hearing as they would getting a physical exam.  Like a significant part of their well-being. Now, there is more reason than ever, to do so.

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