Is it time to get your hearing checked by a professional?

How to talk to loved ones about hearing loss 
February 28, 2020
For your entertainment – A real story in COVID-19 times
April 3, 2020
How to talk to loved ones about hearing loss 
February 28, 2020
For your entertainment – A real story in COVID-19 times
April 3, 2020

Hearing is an integral part of our daily survival. In our busy lives, we often tend to neglect how weakening our ears could get. This would further lead to complications if not dealt with. But the question is, “are we concerned enough to get our ears checked before the hearing loss gets worse?” The answer could be no.

The main reason is that we are not usually aware of when we start losing our hearing capabilities. It happens so gradually that we do not even recognize it. The hearing loss slowly starts, and until the moment we know it, we’re already suffering from hearing loss. So, what’s the solution to this?

The only solution to this is consulting the specialist for your ears and their capacity. In the modern age we live in a world of amazing technological advancement, with gadgets such as headphones and earbuds that are incredible but can have adverse effects on our ability to hear fully.

We are now much more convenient with doing things as smooth as possible due to the amenities we have built around us. This increase in comfort has had a direct impact on our abilities. Hearing is one of them. For many of us even though we hear we may not comprehend as well. This cluster of difficulty to understand along with hearing issues can lead to a significant impairment on our efficiency to do things.

Why is it essential for me?

Not many people out there are aware of the hearing issues they have and the limitations that go along with those issues. When you can’t hear properly, your brain puts more effort into understanding what the other person is saying and this affects your concentration. Also it becomes quite uncomfortable for people that are around you as they need to put more effort into helping you understand their communications.

Not being heard or understood can lead to people getting uncomfortable and they might lose the interest they previously had in explaining or communicating to you. In addition, for people who have a constant need to understand the things said they can miss details which leads to a lesser understanding of the conversation. Living with even a mild hearing loss is also considered a disability for this reason. Here’s an article proving the essentiality of having your ears checked.

Who does it affect?

Hearing loss might seem to be an individual issue but it also impacts a lot of people around, even if just one person has difficulty understanding the conversation. So if you’re the one suffering from a hearing impairment then you should have yourself checked not just for your own sake, but for the sake of everyone who you communicate with as well.

If the issue is with a friend or loved one then they may need help with in understanding with their inability to hear. They need to be made aware that there is something wrong with their hearing. Although it is a good idea for you to suggest that the other person who is facing the issue get help many people do not always take the suggestion well. There’s a particular way of how to go about it. Here are a few techniques on understanding how to talk to your loved ones about their hearing loss.

What should we be doing?

In order to end putting yourself or the people around you in an uncomfortable position you need to consult a specialist. This situation is most prevalent in the elderly, older than 75 years old. An estimates suggest that close to 50% of the adults in this age are prone to mild or severe hearing loss which eventually changes their lifestyle and the way they approach things. Here are more of the statistics to show how serious the situation is.

The situation might not be as bad for middle-aged adults and millennials but still a tiny change in the capacity of your hearing can lead to multiple complications. In such situations consulting an ENT specialist is quite essential in cases where you feel even a little uncomfortable in understanding the verbal communications of others. Step up to an ENT specialist and have a proper examination. This can ease you from many of the above troubles and complications.

In case you want to have an online test of your hearing, multiple websites can give you an idea if there is an issue. These online testing methods, although they are not one-stop resolutions, can still give you an idea of how bad the situation is and what needs to be done. Although consulting a specialist would be the first thing we would be recommending.

When is a good time to have your ears checked?

If it irks you already then there is no better time than now to have them checked and get it done with. According to the specialists, a common man needs to have their ears examined every 3-5 years even if there seems to be no significant issue. This is the time frame when hearing problems can be determined before they worsen or get the best of us.

This time frame is not the same people over the age of 50. Studies show that for ages over 50 the respective person needs to have their ears inspected at least every 3 years since there is a good chance of facing difficulty at that age. For people under 50 the frequency does not need to be every 3 years but can be a couple of years more to get the ears monitored for issues.

Hearing testing has two significant methods: screening and testing. The screening test is a pass or fail evaluation. If you pass this test, then there is no need for you to go ahead with the further process, and you can determine that you have no substantial hearing loss that would affect you.

If you happen to fail your screening test then don’t worry. You then take further examinations in order to determine the level of hearing loss you’re going through and what should be done.

There is no guarantee that getting checked on the recommended frequency will keep you from suffering hearing loss. However, following these time frames generally allow for any problem to be taken care of in the early stages before the condition worsens over time.


We may think that taking these tests might not be in our best interests because of our misconceptions that we can hear normally. However it’s evident that hearing “OK” is different from hearing efficiently and it can affect our daily life in many unpredictable ways. Therefore it is best that you take care of your ears since they are a commonly overlooked and integral part of your life. Taking things for granted will only lead to complexities which is something that should be avoided at all costs.

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