For your entertainment – A real story in COVID-19 times

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Is it time to get your hearing checked by a professional?
March 6, 2020
COVID-19 Temporary Closure
April 6, 2020

About two years ago I decided I was getting tired of asking, “what did they say?”, when I missed a statement while watching TV. I was a bit more subtle in public when asking someone to repeat themselves, or at least I thought I was.Hearing aids …. magical little devices, with various parts.

A few months ago I purchased a wood planer and vacuum system, both make lots of noise. I found it easier to just not wear my hearing aids when I was working in the shop, so most days they were left in their case. However, in the evening when it was TV watching time, I’d rush into the bedroom and put in the hearing aids.

This winter I’ve been able to avoid the flu, a first for a number of years. By about the end of January I began to feel a little tingle in my throat. There was no fever, headaches or other symptoms, just a little tingle. January turns to February and we enjoy some really nice weather, a little gardening, a couple of motorcycle rides and more time in the shop. I did begin to notice one little difference as time passes by, I’d feel a little dizzy on occasion, but couldn’t pin point why. My annual physical was scheduled and I had a minor change in blood pressure medication. After a few days I decided to cut my pills by 1/4th as I was experiencing a little more dizziness.

March 10th we board the airwaves for Hilo and tens days on the big island.Departing the plane I experience that … “my goodness, it’s 80 degrees, wow, this is going to be great”. A lot of time is spent in a car, some time walking through galleries, botanical gardens and other such pleasantries. But every once in a while I’d feel that little bit of dizziness and that tingle was still there, if not increasing. Day 8 and 9 were low key at the rented house, most venues are now shuttered because of the Coronavirus. In and out of the pool, up and down from the lounge chair a bit more dizziness, but still not enough to feel it’s really serious. Day 10, the last day includes driving from Hilo to Kona, getting boarding passes at the airport after being bumped from the original flight then heading into town for breakfast.

Bongo Bobs is the only place open on Ali Drive, fortunately it’s an outdoor venue, I’m feeling over heated and need the air. After breakfast we head out to find a beach to enjoy the rest of the day in paradise. While finding a place to park in the shade I say I’m feeling like I need to sit here, I’m not feeling at all well. My self analysis is …. mild soar throat(tingle increased),fever, slightly nauseous after breakfast and a bit dizzy ….. yup, I have the coronavirus. Fortunately we are only about 5 miles from a small hospital in south Kailua-Kona. After parking the car I walk to the doors of the emergency room and am greeted by a male nurse, a good ole boy about my age. He asks all the right questions then takes me into be admitted, then on to the table in E R. An EKG is administered, perfect …. temperature, normal, ….. blood pressure, normal . No real indication of viral infection.

While tiling the house on Tami Lane I took a ride to the hospital for treatment of an instant case of vertigo. Ah-ha …. that’s what this is (sore throat aside). I tell myself I’ve been coming down with vertigo, give me shot of something and send me away.The E R doctor now arrives to give me a quick exam, listens to my heart and asks a bunch of questions. Finally he takes out an instrument to look in my ears. Right ear, nothing, left ear …. I think there’s something in there.

A number of weeks ago in my haste to put on then take off my hearing aides, a small soft plastic component stayed in my ear. As time went by it found its way closer and closer to my ear drum until on March 10th, it lodged itself right up against the ear drum, (swimming under water pushed the soft plastic piece against the ear drum) hence vertigo symptoms. Once the plastic piece was removed, all symptoms instantly disappeared except a slightly sore throat. In due time that will too disappear.

Well, that’s my story ….. sad but true

-Dan Ginther

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