Nearly 30 million Americans would benefit from the use of a hearing aid, but very few people actually use one. Hearing loss can be an isolating and depressing condition, but we’re dedicated to finding solutions that can help to improve the quality of your life. To determine if a hearing aid would benefit you, a complete hearing evaluation is the first step.

At Sage Hearing Solutions, we begin every journey back to healthy hearing with a complete hearing evaluation. Our tests are quick, painless, and easy. A hearing evaluation helps to identify the source of your hearing loss, its severity, and which solutions will work best for you.

When you come in for a hearing evaluation, you’ll begin by sitting down with David to review your medical history, your symptoms, and your specific hearing needs. He will use a tool called an otoscope to physically examine your ear and to look for any injuries or blockages inside your ear.

After the initial questions and ear exam, your hearing will be tested with a complete series of audiometric tests. Using a set of headphones, David will ask you to simply signal when you can hear the various sounds our tests emit. We will test your ability to hear sounds across a wide range of frequencies and volumes. You will also be asked to repeat different words that you hear to help determine if any pitches and tones of speech are not being heard.

David will review your results in detail to make sure you understand where you might need additional help hearing certain sounds. If you are a candidate for hearing aids, he’ll take the time to discuss a variety of options with you.

At Sage Hearing Solutions, you will never feel pressured to choose any option that you’re not comfortable with. Our mission is to simply help you understand your current hearing ability and, if necessary, the available options for improved hearing.

Contact us today to schedule a hearing evaluation and start on the journey toward better hearing.