David King is a Hearing Care Specialist that has served patients in Oregon and Arizona for over 13 years. He currently lives in Beaverton with his wife, Jaimie, and their two young children, Parker and Haley.

The cornerstone of David’s professionalism is built on his commitment to serving the hearing impaired and to exceed the expectations of his patients. After working for over a decade with a national audiology company, he and his wife decided to open their own practice to better serve the needs of their community. By combining integrity with his extensive knowledge, David naturally demonstrates a unique ability to educate his patients and their families about effective hearing strategies and the treatment of hearing impairment.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, David provides an array of screenings, hearing tests, aural rehabilitation, and expansive knowledge of both conventional and digital instruments. With over a decade of experience in the hearing healthcare field, David’s commitment to excellent patient care is evident in each and every person he works with.

David understands the importance of taking the time to really listen to his patients. He creates an environment where open and honest communication is emphasized and his patients can make decisions about their hearing needs based on facts and years of success, all without the feeling of being rushed or pressured.

David King- Owner

David’s knowledge in communication disorders has helped improve the quality of life for thousands of people in his community. By starting Sage Hearing Solutions, he now has the ability to offer exceptional quality service at more affordable prices to those in need of hearing health care. You can depend on David to provide the absolute best solution for you, and we are confident that you will be satisfied with his skills and desire to not only meet your expectations, but to far exceed them.