Widex EVOKE™: Hearing has Evolved

Widex is a family-owned hearing aid manufacturer with an uncompromising approach to innovation. With a wide range of hearing solutions that allow their wearers to connect and communicate easily, Widex has a solution for every lifestyle.

After being established in 1956 by two Danish families, Widex went on to introduce the world’s first completely digital hearing aid in 1995. Since then, Widex continues to lead the way with technological advancements in wireless connectivity and improved listening experiences. They’ve recently released a Made for iPhone® hearing aid, as well as models using automatic sound environment detection capabilities.

Widex is also the only hearing aid manufacturer to boast a carbon-neutral headquarters, utilizing ground water and wind turbines to heat, cool, and power their facilities. Widex’s approach has always benefited patients, but now it’s helping the planet too.

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